Ouma dies after zit ‘poisons her’



October 17, 2016
Ouma dies after zit ‘poisons her’

Granddaughter Chantal (seated) and Edwina Presence (pink top) with granny Koba, 82

An 82-year-old woman, whose lanced pimple became infested with maggots, died from her septic wound.

The 82-year old ouma from Kensington who had maggots crawling out of her left leg after a pimple turned septic has died.

After an operation to pop the zit at Kensington Day Care Facility on October 3, Granny Koba Spannenberg got sick.

Koba was rushed to Somerset Hospital two days later as maggots started festering in her leg.

Doctors instructed Kensington Day Care Facility to take care of her at home because she could not walk, but her granddaughter Chantal Spannenberg claims nurses told her to bring her ouma in.

She and a neighbour were then forced to administer her granny’s medication and clean her wound.

Chantal says after the story appeared in the Daily Voice last week, nurses came to visit and apologised.

“But it was too late for her though. My ouma passed away on Friday morning. The doctors at Somerset told us her blood had been poisoned,” Chantal says.

“My grandma is no longer with us, and it could all have been prevented had the nurses paid attention. I will miss my ouma.”

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