Ouma 100 not out



September 26, 2016
Ouma 100 not out

Daphne Adams celebrates with your family. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Former educator Daphne Adams turned 100 years old and celebrated her impressive milestone with a party.

Relatives of this ouma who just turned 100 believe her secret to longevity is playing sport.

On Friday Daphne Adams turned 100 years old and celebrated her impressive milestone with a party, surrounded by friends and family.

The Tafelsig resident only bore one child, but is now surrounded by seven grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great-grandkids.

The frail looking centenarian is described as a “tough woman and a sport lover”, who was a member of the scouts and a dedicated school teacher for 45 years.

Her daughter, Vivian Petersen, 70, jokes that people often confuse her and her mom as sisters.

“I walked in here and felt like I was the older one, she looks really good for her age,” she laughs.

“It feels amazing that we are all here celebrating this moment with my mother, 100 is a big number and not everyone can reach it.

“I think the fact that she was a sport person kept her young, at age 54 she was still playing hockey, and coaching.

“She was a school teacher for about 45 years and loved it. I think her toughness and strict manner came from there.

“But oh, how she spoilt me as an only child, even her grandkids were spoilt rotten.

“She taught us respect and the values of working hard.”

Granddaughter, Sheryl Bedeker, 52, says although the ouma is hard of hearing and has joint pain, her health is in good condition.

“Other than the things that come with old age, she is very healthy. She stays with me and I take care of her,” she explains.

Sitting at the table sporting a tiara, “Princess” Daphne smiled and clapped hands as her large family burst out in song and cheered for her.

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