O’s is oek mens!

O’s is oek mens!

DISRESPECT: Cop van mows down Klopse fans

The Voorlopertjie sheds some light on the klopse v cops clash.

Today I want to explain my anger at my run-in with a police officer at a Klopse Road March in Bo-Kaap a few weeks ago.

Firstly, let me say that I am a firm supporter of the South African Police Services.

I have worked with them on many projects and I am convinced that the majority of men and women serving in SAPS are good people, who want to serve and protect our community.

Sadly though, there are rogue cops and hidden agendas which ultimately tarnish the good name of SAPS.

On the Sunday night in question, a police van rammed straight into a peaceful crowd of Klopse supporters with sirens blaring and lights flashing.

The policeman driving the vehicle then continued to swear at and be disrespectful to members of the public who took issue with these actions.

Now I have many concerns about the above, the major ones being:

On the night, the Captain at Cape Town Central confirmed to me that this particular police van and its members were never supposed to be in Bo- Kaap in the first place — and that there was NO emergency in the immediate vicinity which required his blaring sirens or flashing blue lights or mowing down of the crowd.

Which begs the question — who is giving what to these rogue cops to chase the Klopse out of Bo-Kaap?

Secondly, the arrogance and disrespect with which these officers of the law treated an entire sector of society was disgusting!

How are the minstrel community ever going to get a fair deal from the police, if this is the attitude of some members towards them?

Also, how many incidents like this have taken place over the years with the Klopse and their supporters wrongly made out to be the “bad guys”?

Had I not captured and reported this incident, would the City of Cape Town and the SAPS once again just have laid this incident down to the Klopse being unruly and ill-disciplined?

This is not about Richard Stemmet, Melvyn Matthews or any of the Klopse associations constantly involved in political power plays.

I don’t care if you play at Athlone Stadium, Green Point, Florida Park or on your lawn at home – I care about my community!

And the police are there to serve the community.

From Manenberg to Camps Bay, they do not get to choose whom they serve.

If you want us to respect and trust you — then respect and trust us!

Why is the annual Klopse Road March in Cape Town seen as high risk, but many other events with similar logistics does not?

Is it because we are from the Cape Flats?

Taking just the last five years into account, I would like SAPS to show me verified reports of major crime directly associated with Klopse jols in the CBD.

The City has seen more unrest and destruction in one #FeesMustFall protest than it has seen from the Klopse in the past 10 years – yet WE are deemed high risk!

The Cape Town Carnival is reportedly the biggest cultural event in the City, yet police
presence and security is minimal compared to Klopse Road March days.

Also, whilst we are peacefully sitting under our gazebos enjoying our beloved Klopse – the roaring drug, extortion and prostitution trade in Long Street carries on.

Thousands of Bo-Kaap residents sign a petition against a commercial development in their area and they get ignored.

One resident does not like the Klopse in the Bo-Kaap and the City and the police seemingly bend over backwards to accommodate this person’s need for the ethnic and cultural cleansing of an entire community.

It’s actually quite sickening.

Since I have video footage, photos and witnesses to the incident, I have laid a charge against the policeman in question.

And I have every faith that SAPS will deal with this correctly – internally and externally.

The Klopse community are not the enemy.

Let us work with you to create a better, safer society!

O’s is ook mos mens.

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