We salute skim cop



July 31, 2016
We salute skim cop

UNITED: SAPS chief Gerda van Niekerk and security companies

Kraaifontein police station shows the way to stop crime.

Can everyone give Gerda van Niekerk a big SAPS salute?

The Kraaifontein cluster commander has shown the way in the fight against crime.

In the past month, the top cop has kept crime in Wallacedene, Scottsdene and Bloekombos, as well as the area around the train station, down to zero.

This where robberies and hijackings in the past were a daily occurrence.

Like most precincts around the country, Gerda’s team is understaffed and under-resourced.

So how did she achieve this remarkable success?

She didn’t get any reinforcements from the province’s police commissioner.

By forming a powerful partnership with: the community; local business; and private security companies.

On their own, none of these groups has succeeded in making their area safe.

But together, it’s an alliance that is winning the war on skollies.

And all stakeholders win.

Basically, what the Kraaifontein cop shop did was invite several security companies, business people and the community policing forum, who represents several neighbourhood watches.

They all bought in and created a network that coordinates morning and evening patrols, and notifies each other of criminal activity on WhatsApp.

Even the local shops provide the crime fighting teams with coffee.

It’s brilliant!

Munier reckons Gerda’s blueprint should be implemented in every precinct in every city.

But for this plan to work, we need to cut out all the politics and squabbling.

The reason why the gangs and scumbags hold the power is because of this “divide and rule” gedagte.

The communities don’t trust the police and refuse to cooperate.

There’s too much politics between national and provincial SAPS on the one hand, and local Community Safety with their Metro police and Law Enforcement on the other.

Dan Plato and JP Smith are continually out to discredit Riah Phiyega, her commissioners and Jeremy Vearey, and vice versa.

It’s one DA-ANC smear campaign after the next.

And in this perpetual posturing for political points and votes, who suffers?

Us and our safety.

The solution is simple: work together and we all win.

Remain divided and the criminals win.

Gerda van Niekerk can teach all of us a valuable lesson – in fighting crime, in politics, in business, in life.

The Daily Voice salutes you.

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