This ride’s Jammin’



June 30, 2017
This ride’s Jammin’

UPGRADE: Hoosain Kader and his newly installed sound system in his VW G5

Kader's upgraded system in his G5

Here’s a guy who pops up every so often in Bobby Nitro, and always with something different.
He’s Hoosain Kader, a well-known name on the Cape car scene, and the first time he popped onto these pages was in 2013 with his kwaai little two-door rarity, an Mk1 Rabbit.

Repping hard for the ‘old school is cool’ side of things, Hoosain’s son Rizwan, 12 at the time, already had his eye on the yellow Mk1.

Now three years older, that is starting to become a reality, says dad Hoosain.

But that’s not really why we’re here today. More about the Rabbit later.

Hoosain next featured in Bobby Nitro with a lekker Kicker install in his G5.

Today he brings us the same G5, but with a totally new install.

Everybody loves a G5 after all, and giving more love to a G5 as Hoosain did when he dropped it off at Sounds Dynamic earlier this year, is a more than acceptable notion.

The banging result, beautifully lit up by blue and red LEDs, is a boot set-up to drool over. The symmetry is hard to ignore.

It starts with a single 12-inch Rockford Fosgate Prime P2 subwoofer fitted into a custom sealed enclosure.

We move outwards to a set of 6.5-inch splits fitted on both ends in custom enclosures fabricated into the side walls of the boot. Laser cut perspex grilles keep these babies protected. The installers decided to keep the Kicker DS 6.5-inch splits up front in the doors.

The woofer is powered by a Rockford Prime amplifier and powering the Kicker splits and RF splits is a four-channel RF Prime amplifier. All amps are nicely fitted into an inset enclosure built into the floor of the boot.

With all this detail, a person does not want it to go unnoticed, and the LEDs highlight the work as well as the brand, although there is a sense of the hybrid as the whole thing holds together with Kicker wiring. The set-up is controlled via a Caska D106 entertainment and navigation head unit.

All of this comes together to produce a sound quality described by Hoosain as: “You see, I love cars. And I love music. The first time I heard it, it was mindblowing.

“The motor is standard, except for the VR racing chip, and we’ve added a downpipe and Powerflow system.”

Now Hoosain, Bobby has noticed, has a particular weakness for rims. He speaks of his acquisitions as explorers of the old days speak of the fabulous beasts they have discovered in this or that benighted rainforest.

Which is a good thing, and it also brings us back to the Rabbit.

The G5 rides low at that and courtesy of a JOM coilover kit, on 19-inch Audi RS4 rims.

Of the yellow Mk1, Hoosain says: “I getting 15-inch Lambo wheels. Now these things are a beautiful copper colour with a black lip, and they’re going to complement the red oxide leather interior like nothing else.”

All of this, apparently, will be on show at this year’s Dub Auto Fest.

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