CARING: Waseef and Shameemah celebrated wedding day with kids of Al Noor Orphanage Centre

As soon as the piesang-koekies were klaar gebak and gedip innie suiker she would place them into a Tupperware bakkie and then instruct me: “Gee die bakkie vir die een, en dai bakkie vir dai een, en maak versieke jy bring die Tupperwares terug.”

The recipients of the pancakes then take the koekies out and refill the Tupperware with whatever lekke boeka treats they had to offer in return.

I love this Kaapse tradition of “koekies-stuur innie pwasa” because it teaches one a valuable lesson with regards to sharing – in order to receive, one has to give.

BIG DAY: Waseef Piekaan and Shameemah tied knot on Sunday


Now, sometimes the Tupperware came back empty, but nobody complains or makes any judgement because we also learn from the koekies-stuur tradition that one does not give to others expecting anything in return. You give for the pleasure of the Almighty.

With the blessed month of Ramadaan on our stoepie, it has by personal experience been brought to my attention that Cape Town is already in the spirit of giving.

Many of you may be aware by now that I got married on Sunday and due to the spirit of giving taking over the Cape, myself and the motjie did not have to spend too much money for our nikah, algamdulilah.

Die bruid was sorted at a boutique in Gatesville, where the staff are the most jovial group of people I have ever come across.

It was like going to your sister’s room and borrowing her leggings.

For the nikah, I looked like the Khoisan version of Shahrukh Khan in my shiny top and turban, and later changed into a soft beige suit which was gifted to me by a suit hire shop in Lansdowne.

With the clothing sorted, it was time to go in search of a ring which, as any tietie would know, is probably the second most important item, second only to the wedding dress.

However Shameemah has a long-standing relationship with the owners of a jewellery shop in Maitland and when they heard about our wedding, they said “ons niyat die ringe”.

All of these things were gifted to us a week before Ramadaan, and that’s without even mentioning the generosity of our beloved family and close friends.

Soos my ouma sal gesê het, to all of you, baie tramakassie.

It is clear that the giving spirit of Ramadaan is already very much alive in Cape Town.

So let us keep on paying it forward by supporting our people and our own local entrepreneurs right through boeber-aand, until Laylahtul Qadr, and into Labarang

Ramadaan, to the onlooker, could seem like a difficult test with regards to the sacrificing of food, drink and sex, but as a Muslim I can honestly say that it’s the most loved month on our calendar.

And also a month which helps us with spiritual abdas.

I appeal to you as we prepare to enter this holy month, let’s keep on giving, keep on sharing and keep the tradition of koekies-stuur alive.

PS. En stuur die mense se Tupperware terug, kanalla. Lmk.