WATCH OUT: Ralph Stanfield handing out thousands of rands in Beacon Valley, days before the Easter weekend
Two days before the Easter weekend, Mr Ralph Stanfield rolled up in Beacon Valley, like Santa with his sack on Christmas Eve.

But instead of bearing gifts, his pockets were stuffed with wads of thousands of rands of cash for the community.

It’s apparently Stanfield’s annual Easter goodwill gesture.

Hundreds of arme mense, women and children, the elderly and disabled, queued for street blocks to get their hands on the “free” cash.

Stanfield listened to each person’s circumstances, before handing out what he deemed to be a suitable donation.

Afterwards, he told the Daily Voice, that as a successful businessman – he owns a petrol station – he feels compelled to give back to the community he comes from.

He wanted to give poor families a “blessed Easter” and put fish on the table.

He sounded like the story of Jesus’ miracle of the five loaves and two fish.

But let’s face it, there’s no comparison.

There’s definitely something wrong with this picture.

For one, Stanfield was not wearing a bulletproof vest, nor was there an army of armed bodyguards protecting him.

There wasn’t an armoured cash van like the ones that deliver money to Sassa paypoints.

Nope, Mitchells Plain skelms dare not try to get their hands on this welfare money.

What this tells you is that Stanfield not only has cash to burn in his pockets, he has the whole community in his pocket.

Struggling mense who will come back for more next time.

People don’t care where that money comes from and will turn a blind eye just so that the donations keep coming.

He buys their loyalty and their support.

Hell, if he ever decided to run for ward councillor, he’d probably win.

But let’s be clear. Stanfield is no saviour who died on the cross.

He’s been on the police’s high-flyer list, as a suspected leader of the 28s gang.

He comes from a family of underworld kingpins, including his late uncle Colin Stanfield and cousin Saliem John.

And while he has not been convicted of any crimes, he has been in and out of court for fraud, corruption and weapons charges.

What the mense queueing up to get their hands on his cash need to ask themselves is:

How did he make this money? And so much of it.

What does he expect the community to do for him in return?

If you know the answers to these questions, do the right thing.