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Admittedly, often in bar situations where Monsieurs Jameson and Castle have been adding their weight to the robust debates, I get myself involved in.  

Look, it’s not like I think I know more than anyone. 

In fact, when these plonkers start asking questions like “how many FA Cups have Manchester United won and who did they beat in their first final at Wembley?” I’m like, “f*** off, what’s that got to do with the price of cheese?” I don’t know! Like, who cares? 

Who researches that stuff and who actually archives all that detail in their heads? 

It’s those very same people who bring me to the point of this discussion. 

From the time I started going to football and having it mean something important in my life, I’ve gone through around 45 seasons. 

That’s a fair amount of time to see them come, see them go and get an idea of the patterns associated with the top league game. 

OK, some of it in Division 2. Queue the Shed End singing: “Come along, come along, come along and sing this song, we’re the boys in Blue, Division Two, and we won’t be there too long.” 

After ploughing my life into my club, as a fan, I’ve come to understand the way the League generally goes. 

It’s a basic understanding founded on the history of my experience. 

So over the last few weeks, having to fend off United fans all over me like bloated leeches, Saturday’s results was a wonderful moment to illustrate what I’ve been talking about. 

Great opening three games and then getting upset by a Stoke team whose entire value probably equates to Paul Pogba’s left testicle. 

Or, Liverpool running over an Arsenal performance that could go down as one of their worst ever, making them believe (again) that this is the year of the Scouse, only to be trainwrecked the following week in one of their worst outings of all time. 

OK, Sadio Mane was sent off, but it was embarrassing the way their 10 men disintegrated in the wake of Manchester City. 

The same can be said for Chelsea, losing to Burnley with nine men on the field then bouncing back with three important wins against Spurs, Everton and Leicester. 

And look at Everton, all the expectation after spending in the region of £150 million and they look complete s***. 
Guys, don’t jump to conclusions, don’t make yourselves look stupid. I always refer back to the great Bill Shankly, who “never looked at the league until after Christmas”. 

Despite United looking very decent this year, we’ll only get a true understanding of how good they are as the next few months unfold. 

Barring Leicester’s incredible championship season, it’s more or less gonna be the same “big” clubs in the top five or six places. That you can be pretty sure about. 

But who’s gonna win it? 

Well, that’s a bit of a lottery. 

But so early in the season, with Jose Mourinho already complaining about international break fatigue responsible for his side’s average performance… I wouldn’t count on anything just yet. 

Great Sunday coming up, Chelsea v Arsenal at half two, followed by Everton’s visit to Old Trafford. 

You should win that game about 9-0, triple hattrick from Romelu Lukaku right?

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