Get with the times Arsene​



May 16, 2017
Get with the times Arsene​

OFF HIS ROCKER: Arsene Wenger

I got really irritated by someone I admire the other day: Arsene Wenger.

The headline read “Wenger worried that Chelsea success could damage football”.

In a nutshell, he was saying that the Prem has been won by counter-attacking sides for the last three years (Chelsea, Leicester, Chelsea) and that “possession” sides, like Arsenal and Manchester City have struggled.

He reckons teams should be encouraged to “play more”.

I like and respect what he’s done, but… f*** off.

Personally I prefer to watch attacking football, football that’s not entirely predictable, like the go-to-sleep s*** we so often see in Italy and Spain.

Who says possession football is the way the game is meant to be played?

Anyway, besides that, look how often the game has changed over the decades.

Different styles, approaches and formations, it evolves, it goes backwards. There are eras where clubs dominate, where ‘success’ or failure takes root geographically, it changes all the time.

What he’s preaching is just another manifestation of the way this crazy world of ours is going – no individuality, everything orchestrated to move in one direction, the breaking down of communities, everything geared towards profit.

That’s football today. And Arsene’s statement makes me want to puke.

We would never have seen a Leicester win the league had we all been conforming to pass-the-parcel football.

We would never have seen West Ham beat Spurs last week. In fact, we’d be facing a league of cancel-out midfield-chess matches… I’d rather go trainspotting!

I love the cut and thrust of the traditional English game, the spectacle of different styles meeting, the physical side undoing an Arsenal, the underdog beating the king! It’s all football.

I also respect the philosophy that Wenger has ingrained at the Gunners. In my opinion he’s a genius. But please, keep your s*** to yourself.

Talking about irritation of people I admire, what the hell is going on at Manchester Unittd? Come on Jose, a Europa League semifinal, second leg, “the biggest game in United’s history”?

What about the comeback in added time to win the Champions League final in 1999?

Squeezing past Chelsea in Moscow in 2008? Or banging eight past Arsenal?

Guess he’s talking about the devastating effect the club will face without Champions League football next season, the loss of revenue, sponsorship and inability to buy the right players for his rebuild?

Whatever it is, just about beating a mid-table Spanish side the desperation at Old Trafford.

Celta were by far the better side, for large periods running rings around a flat-footed collection of what appeared to be old men struggling to keep up with kids in a park.

United may beat Ajax in the final, but on last Thursday night’s showing it’s far from certain.

In eight days’ time Jose’s annoying season will end.

He’s really turned into an old moan hasn’t he.

If he’d invested properly and allowed his players a bit more freedom, maybe he wouldn’t be just above mid-table, having to count on a cup he thinks is worthless to save his grey ass.

Anyway, we’re almost there and tonight is the start of the final duels to see who’s gonna miss out on Europe next season.

On paper it looks like Liverpool, Arsenal and City have very winnable games – barring a possible hick-up for the Gunners as they face an on and off Everton at the Emirates.

But for me Arsenal are the big losers, despite a turnaround in form.

Their goal difference is also inferior which puts them in a very tough place!


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