Reds and Spurs already choking​



August 30, 2016
Reds and Spurs already choking​

Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino

Klopp and Pochettino are showing early signs of struggling.

Some telling games over the weekend, and despite us only being in week three, I reckon a lot can be pulled out of the 

Looking at the predicted top third of the table, much of what has been spoken about is beginning to take shape.

Starting with Tottenham, they were so flat, lacking spark in the middle of the park with Victor Wanyama struggling big time – walking around, casually passing the ball sideways, absolutely no intent.

And it’s the last thing Tottenham need with the struggling Harry Kane barely touching the ball. The big fella is so overrated and it looks like he knows it.

As for Liverpool, well, we all thought Jurgen Klopp was going to stamp his authority on the team this season.

And you can see that they’re trying to press hard and play narrow, but it ain’t coming to much, the worry being that every time they do push forward they look so vulnerable.

It appears that both Klopp and Spurs’ Mauricio 
Pochettino are going to struggle to get their sides competing at the top end of the table.

Arsenal looked comfortable at Watford, which will keep the “Wenger out” brats quiet for a while.

However, the news that emerged on Sunday “Arsenal failed to persuade Antoine Griezmann to move to the Emirates despite an £80m offer” will keep the mutiny boys believing that their club is gradually being 
downgraded to junk status.

Across London at Stamford Bridge, it’s a bit of a different story, despite Antonio Conte admitting that the club is struggling to find the right players in the market, we’ll probably see at least one more signing before the window shuts tomorrow night.

The Blues are definitely one or two defenders short of a unit.

Despite that, Chelsea are looking like they did a few seasons back – controlled, professional, deadly on the front foot.

Don’t believe all you read, they’ll be up there at the end of the 

It was nice to see Claudio 
Ranieri and his champions picking up three points.

Leicester deserved the win, but to be honest, they just ain’t got that something they had last 

I convinced myself pre-season that Pep Guardiola would struggle to make an immediate impact in the Premier League.

His style of football needing a season at least to properly bed in.

But they were superb on Sunday against West Ham, playing the ball around beautifully and retreating into a tight pack on the few occasions they lost it.

Saying that, the Hammers were awful and they looked like a reserve side at Eastlands.

Man, what a bad story they’re finding themselves in.

Moving to a stadium that — let’s face it — isn’t great for football… Upton Park was one of the most intimidating close-up grounds and it’ll be missed.

Then getting knocked out of the Europa League by a bunch of part-timers and now looking like they’ll be south of mid-table.

So much hope and potential following a great campaign last year… It’s amazing how fortunes can change.

Talking about that, Manchester United are on the move again.

I still maintain Zlatan ain’t all that. He’s k** for 89 minutes every week. Pops up with a bit of magic here and there, but he won’t be the deciding factor this season.

I was sitting at home stuck into the Hull City game, at 90 minutes praying that United would drop points and make them shut the hell up for two minutes.

But, as they did for so many 
seasons in the Fergie era, kept 
pushing and it finally came.

They deserved the victory and Mourinho motors on!

It was quite amusing to hear him speak of “two banks of defenders” haha, playing against a parked bus hey!

If I was to stick me knob on the block, given what we’ve seen so far, it’s massive favourites Manchester United battling it out with – everyone wrote them off – Chelsea, for the title, with City there and there abouts.

Let me know what you think.

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