SHAMEFUL: Mmusi Maimane using Madiba’s name

Munier finds it really despicable how people exploit Nelson Mandela’s name.

On Mandela Day past, everyone and their dog was doing something good for their 67 minutes.

For the poor and needy mense, it’s like Christmas in July.

A day of compassion, humanity and joy – and then it’s over.

Munier loves the gees and goodwill involved.

What he doesn’t appreciate, however, is that his email inbox gets clogged with requests from businesses and political parties trying to get media coverage for their events – painting school walls, soup kitchens, collecting blankets, you name it.

It makes one question whether they’re doing it to honour Madiba, or using the late president’s name to promote their own name.

And it’s mostly the corporates who are guilty of this – and the politicians.

Like Mmusi Maimane, who this week put up election campaign posters in Pretoria, reading “Honour Madiba’s name, vote DA”.

How low can you go?

What Maimane is claiming with this poster is that his party represents the struggle icon’s ideals.

Secondly, he is asserting that if Mandela were alive today, he would not be happy with Jacob Zuma’s administration – and would likely vote DA.

Keep in mind that the great man called the opposition a party of “white bosses and black stooges”.

Now, of course Madiba isn’t alive to tell us that he has had a change of heart – or that he has in fact crossed the floor from the DA to the ANC.

All we know is that the ANC is pissed off that the name of one of their greatest leaders is being used to further another party’s campaign.

The Mandela family is also upset by this election ploy.

In footballing terms, this would be like Alex Ferguson passing on, and Liverpool fans claiming him as their club icon.

It’s a very sensitive matter.

Mr Maimane, with respect, why don’t you shut up, mind your own business, and let Tata Mandela rest in peace.