Prepare for the Klops’ ugly side



August 25, 2016
Prepare for the Klops’ ugly side

EXEMPLARY: The Fabulous Woodstock Starlites care for community members

Lots of dirty deals and skinner happen behind the scenes

With the Klopse season upon us, I am bracing myself for the ugliness that comes with it. The stories one hears and the tales men tell in the klopskamers are mind-boggling!

People jump ship like drowning rats and loyalty is sold to the highest bidder.

Secret meetings are held, undercover talks for the formation of new boards take place, promises are made and broken, artists and coaches take “deposits”from multiple teams, lies get told, contracts are broken, artists are “stolen” and the gossip and rumour mill goes into overdrive!

Did you hear, Team X has paid so many rands to win the carnival? Or did you hear, this klopse baas is jolling with that band member? And, did you hear, this troupe has signed this band/this artist/this coach?

Did you hear – it seems to be the klopse catchphrase!

It is really quite sad how bored, damaged people who crave attention seem to thrive on creating conflict.

There are so many different jobs which people can do – yet in the klopse fraternity some people choose to be professional klopse geitjies!

Seriously, the ugliness and negativity in the this fraternity could try the patience of a saint.

Yet for every geitjie carrying tales and creating conflict, there are at least 10 decent people trying to do good things.

And it is these people whom I am very proud of.

The goodness and compassion of the majority of klopse can be seen in the wonderful way in which the Fabulous Woodstock Starlites from Vygieskraal are raising funds for an operation for one of their members, Mogamat Zain Gierdien.

The 64-year-old has no use of his right leg and has limited overall mobility.

He has been on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery at Groote Schuur Hospital for many years.

To have the operation done at a private hospital will cost in the region of R75 000 – and it is here that the Fabulous Woodstock Starlites are hoping to help.

This troupe has at least one charity drive a year, and this year Boeta Mogamat Zain will be the recipient.

They will be hosting a variety show at the Joseph Stone Theatre on Saturday, August 27, 2016 and are hoping to raise at least R20 000 to go towards the total cost.

Artists like Mujaahied George, Wasief Piekaan and the Richards family have also come on board for this fundraiser.

Now this sort of compassion and care is evident in many troupes, and many events have a “giving back” aspect to it.

I therefore urge the community to support the troupes with their fundraisers. Contrary to popular belief, these fundraisers are not held to fill the pockets of the “klopsbase” and their executives.

Our troupes need the money and they even help others with that money. So support them!

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