TROUBLEMAKER: Manchester United's José Mourinho

The Premier League kicks off this weekend again and José Mourinho is back and badder than ever in the season that is being billed as the Battle of the Bosses.

Mense are already looking forward to the first Manchester derby on September 10, when the Manchester United boss will cross swords with old rival Pep Guardiola, now with City.

The two put on the best El Clasicos when Senor Pep was in charge of Barcelona and José had the Real Madrid reins.

And no one will ever forget how wreed those games got. Red cards galore and Jose even eye-gouged the late Tito Vilanova in one of those matches.

If a United-City clash gets close to that sort of intensity, I hope we have as many of those as Soweto derbies.

But Jose is packing. He has more beef than most manne. And he won’t just be measuring himself up against Pep.

The Special One is already picking fights with Jurgen Klopp and his favourite bunny Arsene Wenger.

Klopp and Wenger have been saying that United’s world-record signing of Paul Pogba makes it tough for other clubs to compete.

They have a point. But the man who has spent over £850m on players since he got his first stint at Chelsea has to realise that he always gets jobs where his bosses don’t care about the price.

And Jose will always pay the cost to be the boss - whether it’s signing huge cheques or playing dirty tricks.

He and Wenger don’t smaak mekaar now for years. And it was over the same issue when he first turned up at Stamford Bridge.

Jose’s Chelsea spent huge amounts of money to take the title from Arsenal’s Invincibles and when the media asked Wenger about it, the Portuguese called Wenger a voyeur - a man who looks into other people’s bedrooms.

A bit of low blow I reckon. What he will say about Klopp? I’m looking forward to his bots with the crazy-eyed German.

He has already taken a swipe at Claudio Ranieri  the man whose job he took at Chelsea.

Many pundits will tell you that Jose won with the team Ranieri built, but you know he will never give another man credit.

Ranieri’s Premier League title win with 5000/1 outsiders will go down in legend, something Mourinho will never achieve with all the cash he splashes.

But instead of giving Claudio his due, Jose just said that he would never trade his career with the Italian, who has only won one league title.

For Jose, it’s never about the how, it’s about the how much.

The only man he hasn’t soeked for spoor with yet is Antonio Conte, the man Chelsea hope they never have to fire to bring back Jose.

And you wonder if he will. Jose will have to pick his battles carefully with the man they call “The Godfather”.

I can’t wait to see who will be the Don at the end of the season.