Neymar move is a damn joke​



August 8, 2017
Neymar move is a damn joke​

DRAMA: New PSG superstar Neymar

Neymar insists it was ambition and not the lure of riches that convinced him to swap Barcelona for Paris St Germain… he also said “it was never about money”.

For f*** sake, he’s grabbed bigger worldwide headlines and made more of a lying d!ck out of himself than Donald Trump. 

Yeah right, you wanna face new challenges in the fifth best league in Europe? Okaaaaaay… look, I get it, I don’t hold it against him. 

This crackerjack transfer is just the ultimate portrayal of how sad our game has become; the Brazilian kid as a microcosm of football and in turn a microcosm of our world. 

Damn, it’s out of control and it feels like no one gives a flying f*** anymore, most importantly, Fifa and their flakey “Financial Fair Play” rules. 

I was telling my sons the other day, even in my lifetime of watching football, I saw proper talent getting sold for £50 000 – barely a week’s salary these days for a half-decent Premier League player. 

I remember Trevor Francis going to Nottingham Forest in the late 70s for a million. The nation was in shock! 

But here we find ourselves, trapped in a hallucinogenic sports trip, where the only thing being held back is the natural spirit of football. 

What happened to all the doomsday artists who predicted it “hitting the ceiling and imploding?” 

Will the Neymar transfer be a pivotal moment regarding the future of world football? 

Looking at a couple of numbers today helped me rationalise the situation. 

In addition to the record £197m transfer fee, PSG will reportedly pay Neymar £40m (R715m) per year, making him the highest-paid footballer in the world. 

On top of that, with a disputed loyalty pay-out from Barca and a huge signing-on fee plus the kid’s endorsements, he will make an extra R300m this year. 

Like most people today, money has become an increasingly dominant force in our lives, whether it’s money to feed the family or money to maintain the trappings of what we are being made to believe make amazing lives. 

Neymar is partial to a car or two, yacht, private jet, jewellery, oversized twerking tanned buttocks and a bottle or 10 of vintage French bubbly when he’s out with the lads. 

Offer the kid hundreds of millions of dollars and he’d play on the South Pole. 

Anyway, enough of that, let’s talk briefly about Sunday’s Community Shield. 

Yes, there were contentious decisions. Yes, Antonio Conte deployed Thibault Courtois to take a penalty and, yes, it was a better day out for Arsenal fans than Chelsea. 

But please guys, all you muppets who are ragging the Blues for losing…we REALLY don’t care. 

What happens as of next week, you know, WHEN THE SEASON STARTS, that’s what matters. 

It’s not surprising that all the incoming banter came from Manchester United fans…

I guess we shouldn’t forget that as of last year the Community Shield became a valuable piece of silver! It went to make up the treble of s***tiest trophies available. 

The kind that wouldn’t be amiss at a stall at Milnerton market, with some ou ballie rubbing the rust off with lemon juice and Handy Andy.
Oh how the history-ones have fallen! 

Seriously, we know you’ve gone through a patch, but shut the f*** up until, firstly, you start playing decent football again and secondly, manage to win a trophy that people care about. 

Not the runt cousin of the FA Cup (League Cup), the bastard son of the Champions League (Europa), or the “not-even-as-prestigious-as-the-runners-up-at-Wimbledon” shield (Community Shield). 

I know ya’ll thinking “sour grapes” but no guys, really, no… really… it doesn’t count.  

On a different note, quite interesting to see the following League predictions:

Frank Lampard’s top four: Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, 

Steven Gerrard’s top four: Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, TottenhamChelsea.

Glenn Hoddle’s top four: Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham/Arsenal
Feinberg’s top four: Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool. Be interested to see yours…

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