’n Lekker bord kos-atu



June 15, 2016
’n Lekker bord kos-atu

Tony Ehrenreich makes potjie. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Tony Ehrenreich’s kwaai braai and curry Father’s Day ideas.

It’s Father’s Day this weekend, and what better way to spoil dad than with a braai and potjie and lekker rugby?

For dad Tony Ehrenreich, the beach, fishing, restoring old cars, a lekker potjie and braai have always been among his favourite things.

In his house, he is the cook. And Cosatu’s provincial secretary general cooks like Ratatoullie, the chef rat from that children’s movie – by instinct and by following his nose.

This week, Tony showed us a few of his favourite things to do when spending the day with his family at home in Uitsig.

There are two classic cars, a 1970s Ford Escort and a Volvo Amazon in the process of being restored in the garage, and the little red GSM Dart, built by his oorlede pa Sydney Ehrenreich, that take pride of place.

Sadly, Sydney passed away in February this year, and Tony says he is going to miss having his dad around.

Tony is teaching his daughters and granddaughters to braai the perfect vleisie.

Granddaughters Tyla, 12 and Logan, 11, took turns flipping the lekker spiced chicken and sausage as they fussed over getting it absolutely perfect for Pa.

But the prize of the day was the smell of heerlike mutton curry potjie wat jou by die hek kom haal.

That is Tony’s gift to his family.

Tony’s sisters Nancy and Sonya and his daughter Alanza all agree on one thing, the main ingredients for Tony’s curries are love, his mood, and also beans.

“Beans, daddy puts them in all his curries. For some reason he cannot make his curries without them,” says Alanza.

Tony chips in: “Beans are good for you, man, very healthy. I like that three-bean mix, but any beans are lekker for making a good curry.”

Tony is not a great believer in set recipes, and he says each pot comes with its own gedagte.

“I absolutely love curries and spending time with my family. I use the same ingredients all the time, just the quantity changes and then that goes into the pot. No big secret there.

I have always loved cooking for my family and providing sustenance and being there for your children is a big part of shaping who they will become one day,” says Tony.

“Being a father is being present and caring for your family.”

En wat is ’n braai sonder ’n barakat?

The curry was absolutely fabulous and the chicken and wors lekker gebraai. Next time vat ek my eie bak saam!

From the Cooksisters, we want to wish all dads a lekker Father’s Day, and this includes the single moms.

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