Mense like to stir the pot



June 3, 2016
Mense like to stir the pot

INCLUSIVE: No need for divisions around halaal food.

Why spoil the unity by creating divisions between halaal and non-halaal?

Some people are just onnosel and onnodig.

They will look for any reason to cause trouble and tension.

As you know, Kaapse mense are quite devout, especially the Christians and Muslims.

What’s nice, though, is that as heilig as we are, we are equally tolerant.

Our inclusivity dates back decades to when folk of all races and faiths lived together in harmony in District Six.

The modern coloured family is so diverse that almost every Christian person has a Muslim cousin, and every Slamse bra has a Kris in-law.

We respect and celebrate each other’s traditions and special days – like Easter, Christmas and Labarang.

We have pickled fish and boeber and biryani together.

So why spoil the unity by creating divisions between halaal and non-halaal?

If, by any chance, you didn’t know, the word means “permissible”.

No, it doesn’t mean “for Muslims only”.

If you see a pack of hot cross buns with a moon and star stamp on it, it doesn’t mean Muslims are hijacking Easter.

It means Muslims can “also” consume it.

Honestly, some mense go on like there’s a halaal terrorist group out there going around to food manufacturers and threatening them to get the certification – at gunpoint.

Private and public establishments choose to go halaal so that they can cater for the Muslims – we’re talking about roughly 300 000 Kaapse people here.

It makes sense to include people with halaal, kosher or vegetarian needs.

It makes sense to include people… period.

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