Meet the Killer Bunny [PICS]



June 19, 2016
Meet the Killer Bunny [PICS]

UNLEASHED: Sean Februarys new Nissan S13.

Sean getting the hang of his 'serious' new machine.

When it comes to our local Drift heroes, Sean February, the man, the legend, is up there as a firm crowd favourite.

He has been so for years, from his beginnings as a wildly entertaining Spinner out on the pitches of the Cape Flats, to a competitor in the national SupaDrift series.

So when an outjie like this gets a new vehicle, Bobby Nitro is interested. And so is his main sponsor, Dent Expert, who have been supporting Sean with the Drifters’ main consumable, tyres, for some time now.

Sean, who for years rolled in a modified E30 BMW, now drives that popular performer of a drift machine, a Nissan S13, heavily modified of course. It’s named Killer Bunny, but more about that later.

Bobby spoke to Sean, who has moved up to Joburg for a work contract for the time being. He says: “For starters, life in Joburg is not nearly as kwaai as in the Cape. It’s work, sleep, work, all my buddies are in Cape Town.”

And about the S13, he says: “Well, it’s a completely different story to the E30, which was self-built over time. This car has been designed. The stock 2jz motor has got a Garrett turbo, bigger injectors, imported cams, an M3 gearbox and it runs on ethanol.”

But, like with most new builds, what looks good on plan doesn’t always work out on the track. For instance, the first lot of suspension just hasn’t worked out for Sean.

He says: “I’ve driven with the suspension in three SupaDrifts, and it feels dangerous, so now we’re importing suspension.”

Another learning curve has been around the change to ethanol. The highly combustible fuel source tends to make seals hard and dry, and added lubricant is necessary. This comes after SupaDrift round 2, when two injectors seized in the powerplant.

The S13 delivers 380kW and 650nM and according to Sean, the power delivery is way different to the E30.

He explains: “The Nissan’s delivery is quicker and smoother, while the E30 was more unpredictable. Thing is, I knew the old car, while with the teething hassles I haven’t yet got to that joy place with the new one. The suspension change I think will do the trick though.”

For his sponsors, he says: “Yaseen Parker and Dent Expert have been helping a lot, sorting the tyres and giving the S13 one of the best spray jobs on the drifting circuit.”

Other sponsors are Xmodz Fibreworks, Pro-Fit exhausts, Mike’s Place and JMF Reticulation.

Next stop is round four at The Rock up on the reef, just around the corner from where Sean is now staying in Boksburg. He says: “We’re ranked seventh on the log so far, which is alright considering we’re running with a new car. First time out this year we blew a motor after all.”

Now, about that Killer Bunny vibe, we had to ask Sean what that was all about. He says: “Darren SupaFly came up with the design for the livery on the S13, and I said to him upfront that the colours must not be playful, they must be mean. This car is here meaning business, it’s not a fun thing that has turned up at the track.”

Apparently the bodykit is made by a company called Rocket Bunny, so that’s where the rabbit element enters the story. A not-for-fun rabbit ends up as a Killer Bunny.

Bobby Nitro wishes Sean a killer season.

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