HOMEGROWN: The lovely chakalaka is one of many unique South African dishes and proof that local is lekker
There are many things that make South Africans unique, but nothing more so than our lekker kos.

When you think about all the food that is unique to our beloved country, you realise that local really is lekker.

September is Heritage Month and what better way to celebrate our melting pot of cultures than with a warm plate of food and a sweet South African treat.

Some of my local favourites include a lekker melktert, biltong and a tasty bobotie.

One thing I love about our foods is that it is so easy and cheap to prepare.

With just a few ingredients, you just pop it in the oven or better, throw it on the braai.

Speaking of which, it’s also the month in which we celebrate our beloved braai. Heritage Day, which takes place on Sunday 24 September, is also unofficially known as Braai Day, but more about our fire favourites later this month.

Nothing brings a family, friends or even a community together like a good old braai.

Take a drive through almost any area on the Cape Flats on a sunny weekend and you will no doubt find a tshisanyama on every corner.

The sound of the crackling wood and the smell of marinated meat, while the music is klopping is all you need to have a good time.

And with summer approaching, we have even more reason to celebrate.

Here are a few local classics you simply have to try out this month.

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