UNSUPERVISED: Children left to their own devices.
The school holidays are here again! Last week I told you about a visit to my old school Brambleway Primary in Bonteheuwel and how I think we can all help restore our alma maters.

I also noticed how many little ones were walking home by themselves and it reminded me that I did the same as a pikkie.

I had my own front door key and would make myself a sandwich when I got home. Then I would play outside with my friends until my parents got home from work.

It was a very different time back then and things weren’t as dangerous as they are now. Or is that just my imagination?

The point is, many little ones will probably be home alone during these winter holidays as their parents go to work and worry about them.

It’s one of the sad realities of our times that mostly cannot be helped. But it does put them in danger. Without judging or criticising, it is our job as a community to help keep them safe.

So I urge you to keep an eye out for kids who have no supervision over the holidays. It’s not their fault that they are left alone and they shouldn’t be punished for it by sick adults who harm them.