TOP QUALITY: England team. CREDIT: Sourced
Seeing as we’ve got a break from the Premier League, don’t worry I’ll be laying my thoughts out every Tuesday as normal.

And I’ll be paying special attention to the transfer market - I’d like to take the opportunity to have a little rant about the PSL.

Firstly, let’s give it its dues as one of the world’s richest leagues and the most lucrative on the continent.

It’s run well and clubs and players have benefited financially from hugely-increased TV revenue - although still a pittance compared to their European counterparts.

All that aside, I was disgusted to see Danny Jordaan and the mob strutting around at the PSL awards like it was Oscar night in Hollywood.

The nut-rods, sporting R10 000 suits, patting each other on the back for such a great job done, in a multi-million rand setting at Emperors Palace.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely for the players in particular that were recognised.

I don’t begrudge them in the slightest. In normal circumstances the whole affair would be something to be proud of.

However, it’s indicative of our society today, that such an extravagant show of opulence can take place while football structures in South Africa rot, where the national team is pathetic, where clubs can’t maintain facilities and where kids can’t afford kit, boots and balls…

Right, taken a strong Valium… so where were we?

Almost time for the Euros. YESSSS.

A month of top end football, shortly followed by pre-season friendlies!

It’s the same old story in England at the moment as it is every two years between the World Cup and Europe. Everyone over there is thinking: “We’ve got a proper chance this year”.

When you look at Roy Hodgson’s squad, it’s full of quality. But has he got the quality to lead them to victory?

Don’t be silly, he’s an FA-appointed plonker who hasn’t got a clue how to get the very best out of a talented group.

Put those same players under Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola or Diego Simeone and I guarantee they’d compete against anyone in the world.

There’s a lot of talk about the French, their young talented squad and being on home soil, which has made them favourites for the month long tournament.

Of course Spain, will always be there and there about, but the “clever” money is on Germany… who most pundits feel are just too strong to be caught.

I wish I could be tempted into laying a small bet on England, but even at 9/1 I just don’t see the value.

As it stands the hosts are at 3/1, Germany 4/1 and Spain 11/2.

Italy at 16/1 looks good for an each-way punt, after all, they’re under the guidance of one of the best coaches in the world, who’ll wanna leave his national post before joining Chelsea in a blaze of glory! Italia Italia Italia.