DAGGAKOP: EFF leader Julius Malema in favour of legalising. CREDIT: Daily Voice
It all makes sense now.

The confusing rants, the outrageous lagbol statements, the red eyes - well, the red beret, overalls and hard hats too...

Julius Malema is a daggakop - and by his own admission.

This week at an Economic Freedom Fighters conference, Juju stunned the media when he said the party supports the legalisation of marijuana.

He must have won over quite a few fans too when he said alcohol abuse was more harmful than smoking slowboats.

“We have no problem with marijuana being legalised. It must be legalised. It must be dealt with professionally so that it is not abused and used for wrong purposes,” Malema said.

“I have seen a lot of people smoke it, and read and not have any problems. But I have never seen people drink alcohol and read books afterwards.

“I have never been told that there is a single accident caused by a dagga smoker. There is no solid reason why it can’t be legalised.

“If there is anything that must be made illegal, it is alcohol. I have not been drinking in the last six months.”

Now there’s a sober thought.

Julius spoke openly about his own experiences with zol, and how his taanie klapped him one day when she found out he trekked ’n skelme skyf.

“I tried [marijuana] once and then after trying, I went home to cook and I messed up everything in the kitchen.”

“The first question she asked: ‘Did you smoke dagga?’ So I thought this thing was too obvious, let me leave it.”

Munier had to laugh when he heard that.

Can you just imagine?

Not Baleka Mbete, nor the entire ANC and parliament’s security can get Juju to hou his bek.

But it takes one backhand from Mama Malema to ruk him reg.

Now, if Jacob Zuma can only get her on board as his vice president or chief whip, it would solve half his problems!

Munier can’t decide whether this legalisation campaign is a good idea or not, though.

Juju does have high dopes - sorry hopes - as a politician.

And he does raise a few good points with his views on the herb.

But will voters believe that the grass is greener in the EFF?

Or is it all just a smokescreen - like the Dagga Party’s pipe dream.

Anyway, put that in your pipe and smoke it.