TITLE DENT: Lanzini scores the winner
Seriously guys, can you believe it?

I woke up on Saturday morning with a semi and wasn’t sure why?

Then it hit me, of course, Chelsea have won the title!

There just ain’t no stoppin’ us now.

Where have that West Ham been hiding all season? Not a single win against any of the top eight and slaughtered by a number of times by over three goals.

It was simple, they pressed high, hustled and bustled for every ball and stopped an over-confident Spurs side working themselves into the game.

It’s amazing how these things happen. I can only put the change of energy down to the massive rivalry on and off the pitch, which helped produce one of those fiery atmospheres we got used to at Upton Park.

It was similar against Chelsea in the cup. Fan’s trying to get at each other behind the goal, banging atmosphere...The Hammers won that night as well.

By the time you read this, Chelsea should be seven points clear, needing one more result to lift the title.

Boro won’t be a walkover though. They still have relegation survival to play for and will make life difficult.

But where does this all leave Spurs? Has it been a successful season? Or have they ‘bottled’ it?

I look at it like thisSpurs have been good this season, but only in terms of how sh!t they’ve been for decades.

They ain’t special and never deserved the title. If they were THAT good, why are they probably gonna end up 10 points adrift?

Coach Mauricio Pochettino has done a great job, they’ve been good to watch, but winning f*** all – these days – means another worthless season. So they have bottled it.

Spurs fans will argue, but let’s face it, they’ve tripped up at the last hurdle, unable to produce what was needed.

Let’s not forget the FA Cup semifinal, exactly the same.

Yes, this season has ‘Spurs’ written all over it. Some of my best mates support Tottenham, but I hate the club and barring the respect I have for the coach, I’m having a great time feeling them suffer!

However, there’s promise under Poch and next season could be better.

Mind you, no “home” games and on a giant Wembley pitch they’ve struggled on, it could be back to mid/upper table obscurity. Haha, I’m a real w*****, aren’t I?

On to Sunday and what a letdown that was.

The Liverpool game felt like a training match, or a bad Charity Shield, it was just kak, no real intensity.

Kloppy Ze Clown was zig- zagging his jaw like a trance party junkie and will be more than disappointed that his players were unable to motivate themselves.

The same applies to the later kick-off. Rubbish mate. It wasn’t even worthy of being called “The fifth and sixth place playoff”.

Arsenal got a lucky break and that’s all that really separated the sides.

The quality was very average and United fans should be asking why Jose benched players that surely should have started in such a big game?

I worry about – what seems to be – the decision to concentrate on the Europa League for Champions League entry.

They’ll probably manage it, but it’s a gamble and a half.

You’d imagine, even with injuries, that you’d equip your squad adequately with £200m at the start of the campaign?

Anyway, feel free to send gifts, bottles, cards of respect etc addressed to Nick, supporter of the Champions of EnglandBooooya!!