BLOCKBUSTER BOUT: Eben Etzebeth and Sonny Bill lock horns
If Rodney Berman or even Don King watched a little bit of rugby, they would have their next multi-million dollar promotion after this weekend.

I, for one, would love to see either one of Eben Etzebeth or Sonny Bill Williams get knocked out in the ring.

The Stormers lock and Blues centre already have a promo video – ask anyone who watched the Super Rugby game, and the gerollery, between their two teams on Friday.

There was no clear winner, although Etzebeth was yellow-carded.

It’s that easy for Kiwi teams... or anyone with a bit of a rugby brain, that whenever you play against enforcers such as Etzebeth – the Bakkies Botha type – you get under their skins and provoke them to do something stupid.

Now these aren’t ouens you want to mess with. They’ll klap you vuurwarm. But that’s what you want from your opposition when the stakes are high.

You want an influential player to lose his mind as soon as you so much as whisper in his ear.

And that’s the thing with Eben. He needs to cool down.

On a rugby field you can be an enforcer without having to fight.

Big hits, big clean-outs, strong runs and a general willingness to do the dirty work will get you there as well.

There’s a reason why I’m not particularly fond of Australian sportsmen.

When I was growing up, they were the pioneers of sledging and knew exactly how to get under your skin.

I see the New Zealanders are also becoming like that nowadays.

As for us South Africans, we are hotheaded and we want to moer you if you step out of line.

But as much as it's part of the country’s DNA, we need to rid ourselves of it NOW.

Heading into the Rugby Championship and the series against France later this year, Etzebeth will no doubt be targeted again.

And it’s up to him to prove that he won’t take the bait in future... if not, he will truly turn into a walking yellow card.

Anyway, back to that fight.

Williams is already an experienced boxer, having also fought, and beat, South Africa’s “White Buffalo” Francois Botha a while back.

There's talk of a rematch as well.

We all know YSTERBeth is ready to take out his frustrations at the slightest hint of an invitation, so why not bill the fight as a Test match – All Blacks v South Africa?

And seeing that Cape Town will probably never get to host such an event at Newlands again, let’s bring it to the Mother City.

Now manne, make it happen...