KEEN EYE: Photographer Elliot Swartz.
Bobby Nitro spoke with emerging lensman Elliot Swartz after the guy sent in some truly amazing pics for Bobby’s perusal.

Bobby could see that the talent here was for real and, being a naturally curious ou, had to know a little more about this Elliot fellow.

Elliot says after playing around with a DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera, he started to bother photographer Warren Lyle Josephs with questions about: “how do you do this and that” and “what does this function do, etc.”

“With him being a full-time photographer, he then started to mentor me and teach me the basic tricks with his camera.”

He adds: “I bought a Canon 1200d kit and I’ve been at it ever since. I’m no professional photographer but people say that I have a keen eye for photography. To me, I just see things differently through the lens and I thrive for that perfect shot.”

And Elliot has an obvious eye for cars, as he says he has always been a car junkie, especially for classics. In his words: “I think the love for old cars really started with me always being around the Box Boys crew and Kyle Wiener, who was at the time chairman of the Box Boys. I grew extra fond of the straight body lines and the sound of old school side drafts.

The shoot with Courtney Ortell and Idrees Hoosen was an absolute pleasure, and with the cabbies being so hard to come by, I was sure to take my time.”

Elliot sends out thanks to Warren Lyle Josephs, Kyle Wiener, Lyle Lilo Visagie and his wife Eloise Swartz.

Here’s hoping we see more from this guy.