Big ending and it’s on to Euros



May 17, 2016
Big ending and it’s on to Euros

CLASSY GESTURE: Ranieri honoured at Chelsea on final day. CREDIT: Sourced

Time to grab your nuts and go into football hibernation.

Thank the good Lord we have the Euros to look forward to in June/July.

Like ya’ll, I retreat into football hibernation off-season, you know, grab my nuts and curl into a little ball.

I don’t look forward to the weekends, even after a ball-busting week at work. Anyway, at least we had a decent send-off.

I was expecting a bit of an anti-climax on Sunday. All seemed pretty much done and dusted, but thanks to the Arsenal-Spurs battle for second, there was a big ending.

It’s amazing how psychological it all is.

Tottenham never recovered after the 1-1 home draw against West Brom which effectively ended their challenge a month ago.

But the 5-1 demolition by Newcastle was an embarrassment. I felt sorry for Mauricio Pochettino.

Watching the post-match interview, his face looked puffy and long, he was visibly distraught, struggling not to scream out for his mother’s comforting breast.

A month ago lauded as one of the game’s greatest coaches with Manchester United apparently trying to poach him, to a depressed loser in charge of a squad of feeble w***ers. It was all too much for them and to make matters worse, losing that second spot to the Gooners.

In his naivety, Pochettino mentioned last week that ending above their north London rivals wasn’t important to him… oh how wrong he was to say that. You’re born white or red in north London, it’s more than just football.

He’s a great coach, we’ve seen the type of football at White Hart Lane that has been missing for years.

I’m sure he’ll continue his good work, they should invest in the squad and they’ll be giving it a good go next year.

Of course, there was the little matter of Louis van Gaal managing a Champions League spot and for most of us, a bit of a weird set of emotions attached to it.

If they made it, they’d make money and be able to attract high-quality players, which is k**, but he may have kept his job, which would be great!

As it stands, they didn’t make it – hoooooorah! But he’ll probably see the door, which is k**.

In the end, even a dubious bomb scare couldn’t help, in fact, the postponement just produces a s***, no-meaning match to end the season when United meet Bournemouth tonight.

I was pleased that Manuel Pellegrini’s reign at City didn’t end in disaster.

He’s a lovely bloke, a good old school footballing man.

Pep Guardiola will be grateful that his first season in charge won’t just be competing on the domestic front.

Across at the Bridge, it was lovely to see Chelsea fans and players giving Claudio Ranieri and his Leicester side such a warm welcome.

But the ending scene in West London just perpetuated the John Terry speculation. Is he staying?

Well, the club have offered some kind of role, but will he take it? Only Captain Fantastic knows.

Chelsea fans are bitter with the club bosses for not giving him a testimonial and further contract, but it’s yet to be seen whether the happy ending he deserves – not with somebody else’s wife – materialises.

As he addressed the crowd, tears in his eyes, we were all expecting him to say goodbye, however, his words: “We’ll be back next season” has given hope that he’ll be on board.

I know you all hate him, I understand that. But shut up, he’s one of the world’s |greatest ever defenders, show some respect.

I’ll be cranking up the transfer news over the next few months, see you next week.

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