ANC won’t betray JZ



April 7, 2017
ANC won’t betray JZ

UNTOUCHABLE: President Jacob Zuma can do what he likes as long as he has the support of the ANC leadership

Change will come from within party, not protest

Last week Munier warned – no begged – President Jacob Zuma, kanala, not to peuter with the cabinet.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

Now we’re sitting with the fallout: the Rand has taken a dive, as expected; South Africa has been downgraded to junk status, as expected; and opposition parties have called for another motion of no confidence in the president, as expected.

If the hype is to be believed, the country will come to a standstill today as unhappy citizens embark on a stayaway from work and take to the streets, in protest at Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle.

Mense, under the banners of groups like SaveSA and the #SA1stForum, are mobilising and rallying support on social media and WhatsApp like never before.

They want Zuma out and the last straw was the axing of Pravin Gordhan.

The former finance minister has also not been idle since his sacking last Thursday, and has used his platform as guest speaker at Ahmed Kathrada memorials around the country to speak out against corruption and state capture.

And in an historic move, the ruling party’s tripartite alliance partners the SA Communist Party and Cosatu have asked the president to step down.

The question is: will all this campaigning and huffing and puffing come to anything?

Munier’s prediction? No.

If we have learnt anything from JZ’s administration, it’s that he is virtually untouchable.

No.1 pretty much does as he pleases and gets away with it because he has the support of the ruling party.

Over the past eight years, the ANC leader has surrounded himself with loyal allies in key positions within the party, government’s top structures and Parliament, to ensure he gets his way.

Zuma enjoys the unwavering support of the ANC Youth League, who warned they would go at the DA with sjamboks when they march to Luthuli House today.

And don’t forget his cheerleaders at the Women’s League, led by “Minister of Sassa” Bathabile Dlamini.

If anyone deserved to be culled from the cabinet, it was Dlamini.

The presidency, however, has not once put forward “loyalty” as a reason for the cabinet shake-up.

Instead, the official statement said Zuma wanted to appoint the right people to drive the agenda of “radical economic transformation”.

He wanted to promote young MPs to gain experience.

And, of course, there was the “intelligence report” that linked Gordhan to a plot with international financial companies to oust the president.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, there are those who believe Zuma needed the right cronies in Treasury to help finance a trillion rand nuclear deal with the Russians.

Whatever Zuma’s motives, what’s done is done and there’s nothing we South Africans can do about it.

Or is there…?

The way Munier sees it, there are only two ways to bring about change at the top – and it’s not going to come about through a vote on a motion of no confidence.

There’s no way in hell ANC MPs are going to give Mmusi Maimane’s DA and Julius Malema’s EFF the satisfaction of surrendering in a Parliament vote on national TV.

It’s either wait until the 2019 elections and vote out the Zuma camp.

Or the ANC leadership meets behind closed doors and decides to remove their leader.

It may not be such a long shot, the divisions are there for all to see.

Three ANC MPs have resigned this week: Gordhan’s right-hand man Mcebisi Jonas and axed ministers Dipuo Peters and Tina Joemat-Pettersson.

More tellingly, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe have publicly expressed disapproval of Zuma’s decision, saying they were not consulted on it.

Ramaphosa even went so far as to ask the trillion rand question: If JZ didn’t consult us on his cabinet, who did he consult?

That says a lot.

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