Old age home fire tragedy



November 7, 2016
Old age home fire tragedy

SCENE: Langa home

Man dies after allegedly falling asleep while smoking a cigarette.

An elderly man has died in a fire at an old age home after he allegedly fell asleep with a burning entjie in his mouth.

The man, said to be in his 60s, passed away on Saturday night when his room at the Sizamile Independent Home in Langa went up in flames.

His name cannot be released until his family members have been notified of his death.

The home’s Nonqaba Xhamle says the fire started around 12.30pm.

“He had gone out to visit his friends and came back and asked to be given a cigarette,” she says.

“His friend who was sitting with him says he left when utata fell asleep on his bed but he still had the cigarette.

“It must have fallen out of his mouth and started the fire which affected his room and he was overpowered by the fumes.

“Another elderly woman who was visiting the room next door was treated for smoke inhalation after she inhaled the fumes while trying to get away.”

The City’s Fire and Rescue Services’ Theo Layne says the cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

“One adult male sustained fatal burn wounds, one adult female sustained injuries and was treated on the scene by fire and rescue services and transported to hospital,” he said.

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