‘Ocean Basket still hasn’t contact me’



September 29, 2016
‘Ocean Basket still hasn’t contact me’

ANGRY: Osman Parker blew the whistle on the fake hake. CREDIT: Jack Lestrade

The customer who exposed the restaurant for selling fake hake says he is still waiting on their call.

After three days, the man who exposed Ocean Basket for selling angelfish instead of hake in their fish nuggets says he is yet to be contacted by the restaurant chain.

Osman Parker smelled something fishy on FIVE occasions buying hake fingers for his kids.

He raised the issue with the managers of the restaurants in N1 City, Waterfront, Canal Walk, Vangate Mall and just three weeks ago in Vredenburg.

He says the managers admitted that they swapped hake for the cheaper angelfish — without telling customers – when they ran out of stock.

Hake, at R60 a kilogram, costs twice as much as angelfish, which sells at R30 a kilo.

Parker, 41, a manager at Giant Hyper in Epping, turned to Daily Voice after the restaurant apparently ignored his emails.

Ocean Basket admitted to Daily Voice on Monday that the five franchises in question sometimes used angelfish instead of hake in their hake 
fingers on the kiddies menu.

Spokesperson Jean Sloane said: “We believe angelfish may have been used to prevent food wastage since nuggets are created as a natural by-product of filleting. We assure you that this has been taken up with all the franchises mentioned.”

They sent the Daily Voice a letter of apology addressed to Parker, in which they offered him a R500 voucher. But Parker says he did not receive the letter.

“I am still waiting on someone from Ocean Basket to have the decency to call me up and say something. I don’t want their voucher or my money back. They need to be transparent in dealing with their clients,” he fumed.

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