Nude selfie award goes to, sigh, Kim

Nude selfie award goes to, sigh, Kim

Kim K is received kaalgaat selfie award. CREDIT: Sourced

Kim Kardashian is honoured for stripping down.

Oh no, it seems we are in for a lifetime of nude selfies from Kim Kardashian!

Normally if you break something you get punished, unless you’re Kim K, then you get an award.

The reality star famously claimed to have broken the internet twice with naked photos of herself and now she is the proud recipient of a Webby Award celebrating her cyber powers.


The 35-year-old was honoured with the brand new Break The Internet Award in New York on Monday night, and vowed to post “nude selfies until I die”.

The mother of two – who has over 70 million Instagram followers, 45 million Twitter followers, and a hugely successful mobile game, Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood – is the first-ever recipient of the accolade at the annual Webby Awards in recognition of her “bold and creative” use of social media.

Accepting her award from journalist Kara Swisher, Kim made a five-word acceptance speech: “Nude selfies until I die.”

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