Now charge Virat

Now charge Virat

Virat Kholi at centre of ball tampering video following Faf du Plessis charge

India captain filmed rubbing his finger on a tic-tac before applying it to the ball.

So the International Cricket Council (ICC) have gone ahead and charged Faf du Plessis, opening a can of worms.

Last week I wrote about a similar case of Marcus Trescothick and how him having ‘n lekker in his bek had gone unpunished by the masters of the game.

Now they have gone a different route, leaving a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

There is a total lack of clarity and consistency in this case.

And now they will have to police what’s in players’ pockets for sweets, biltong, nuts or whatever – just like the prefects did at school in my day.

Everyone is up in arms.

Australia skipper Steve Smith says what Faf did is no different from how they keep the ball shiny.

India captain Virat Kohli was filmed rubbing his finger on a tic-tac before applying it to the ball in their Test against England.

With teams desperate to get the ball swinging as soon as possible in Test matches, they have been using this trick for some time now.

There is a theory that the sugary spit seals the ball and keeps it shinier for a long time.

But the ICC have done nothing to confirm this.

It’s a criticism that Cricket SA CEO Haroon Lorgat has levelled against them.

Will they try to give proof or be consistent and charge India’s Kohli?

Time will tell.

If they don’t charge Kohli and Faf appeals they will not have a leg to stand on, before they go and do their work on the subject.

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