Nou’s jy lekker in die sop



May 25, 2016
Nou’s jy lekker in die sop

Shanaaz's lekker creamy chicken and corn soup.

Shanaaz Parker’s warme koppie liefde.

Dis winter mense, and that means two things; jou hare gaan amper elke dag mince en jou ma gaan amper elke aandn pot sop maak.

The one has nothing to with the other, but I know many of you can relate.

And nothing makes me happier then walking into my mother’s house on a cold, wet day and hearing her say “Megan, daar’s * bietjie sop vir jou.”

Last week, we helped you with lekker bread recipes, so it’s only fitting that we have soup this week to complement your freshly baked bread.

At the Pick n Pay Shanaaz Parker Good Food Studio where I learned how to bake bread, the students also made four mouth-watering soups.

Shanaaz says: “All the soups are really quick and easy and can be made within about 20 minutes.”

Soup is typically a winter meal but it can be enjoyed any time of the year.

It’s simple to make and depending on what you’re making, it’s a cheap meal that the whole family can enjoy, tot op die baby!

I love a thick soup and enjoy any kind soe lank dit net lekker proe!

So needless to say I had to have a taste of all four soups Shanaaz’s students made.

While some of the ingredients take a bit of time to prepare, the cooking time does not take longer than 30 minutes.

Gone are the days when you have to start cooking tonight’s soup this morning.

The ingredients are all things you can easily find in your koskas or fridge.

And with the price of meat forcing everyone to be vegetarians, we’ve given you a few veggie options.

But if you prefer a stukkie vleis, go get a pakkie sop bene at the butcher and add it.

The aroma in the Good Food Studio exposed my giemba side.

I shamelessly had a second and perhaps even a third helping of soup.

My personal favourite was the creamy chicken soup.

I loved the combination of the cream and the cream style sweet corn.

The soups complement some of last week’s bread we shared with you but it also tastes great on its own.

Creamy chicken and corn soup


45ml butter

1 onion, finely chopped

5ml crushed garlic

250g chicken breast, cubed

1x410g tin sweet corn, cream style

1 litre milk

250ml water

5ml white pepper

5ml salt

30ml corn flour

2 celery sticks, chopped

1 tub fresh cream


Heat butter in a large size pot and melt down. Add the onion and braise till golden.

Braise the chicken with onion over moderate heat for 5-7 minutes.

Add sweet corn, milk, water and seasoning.

Combine corn flour with a little water to make a thin paste. Pour into soup and stir until it has thickened.

Add chopped celery and bring to fast boil for 5 minutes.

Lower heat and simmer and pour fresh cream and gently stir through.

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