Not your average ‘bank robber’



November 17, 2016
Not your average ‘bank robber’

NABBED: Suspect bust by mall security

Atlantis man bust for swiping a computer monitor at local mall.

This dom dief was caught after he allegedly walked into a bank, grabbed a computer monitor, and ran out.

The man was nabbed minutes later by security guards inside the Atlantis City Mall in Atlantis.

A witness who works at the mall says the alleged thief had decided Christmas came early yesterday morning when he strolled into the African Bank branch in the mall.

Alfred Ramosedi, of African Bank Group, confirmed the incident and said the man stole a computer monitor off the branch manager’s desk.

“He was apprehended by mall security and arrested by the local police. The monitor is being held as evidence.

“No one was injured or affected negatively by this opportunistic incident.”

A female witness, who asked not to be named, says the man suddenly started pulling at the monitor, which was plugged in, and took off.

The woman says the bank is situated right next to Shoprite, “where there is usually a lot of traffic”, and people chased the skelm.

She says the thief was “very nonchalant” when he strolled into the bank just after 9am, and even looked over at them before taking the monitor.

“He just came in, looked at us and started pulling at the computer’s monitor. Someone then started to scream and he ran,” she says.

“The mall security and people in the mall started chasing him and they caught him.”

She says the man, in his early twenties, lived in Atlantis.

“He normally skarrels here in the centre,” the woman says.

Tony September of Atlantis Mall says: “Yes, this incident occurred in our mall. It is the responsibility of our security to see that no one gets harmed, robbed and that safety is met in the mall. Our security guards caught the man and the man was handed over to police shortly after his arrest,” September said.

Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the arrest.

“Kindly be advised that a case of theft has been opened for investigation, and the investigation continues,” Van Wyk said.

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