Nonhle retires… again

Nonhle retires… again

TV STAR: Nonhle Thema, 35

Mense make gat of celeb calling it quits.

Nonhle Thema is apparently moeg of being in the spotlight, and announced she’s retiring from the public eye.

But instead of getting sympathy, all people could do yesterday was make fun of her.

The 35-year-old TV presenter and actress has been the butt of jokes on Twitter and Instagram after naming Bonang Matheba as a “worthy successor”.

Thema posted a picture of the beauty, saying: “I’m so proud of her. I have retired and I’m happy the industry is in good hands. She’s Everything and More.”

Thema said her new full-time job is to be a mommy to four-year-old Star Phoenix Ivy Zime.

But Twittersphere was having none of the drama, with @kulanicool tweeting: “Someone just said Nonhle Thema is retiring from retirement.”

And @O_RexBryant also threw shade: “Which Industry Is Nonhle Thema Retiring From? (25 Marks).”

That’s cold, given the fact that Thema was the IT girl of her generation, and not too long ago either.

She was one of the first local celebs to have their own reality show, Nonhle goes to Hollywood, and shot in the US nogal.

She also turned heads in 2009 when she took over from Kelly Rowland as the global face of Black Like Me cosmetics.

But mense are apparently not impressed with her kwaai credentials, and @DJDEET_KHANDA tweeted: “Nonhle Thema is the ex that thinks they are still relevant in your life.”

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