Nik skrik vir niks

Nik skrik vir niks

Funnyman Nik Rabinowitz

Life, politics through eyes of a 40-year-old grapjas.

Turning 40 years old is definitely a laughing matter for comedian Nik Rabinowitz.

But what’s not a joke for SA’s favourite Jewish, Xhosa-speaking comic is cancer, and he says during November, also known as Movember, men over 40 must make a point to get tested for the dreaded C.

“I’ve been for my test, just go and get it done. You get checked out and maybe even felt up,” says Nik.

He spoke to the Daily Voice just hours after acting as Master of Ceremonies at a function where former president Thabo Mbeki gave a keynote speech and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was guest of honour.


“It was great, I told them Pravin is our Minister of Airtime, because he gets charged and re-charged,” jokes Nik.

The comedian says he’s sure South Africans look at Mbeki and regret he was recalled as president, “but then he makes a looong speech and we remember why”, says Nik.

On 6 December, Nik’s new show Fortyfied starts at the Baxter Theatre and it’s supposed to be a comedy show about him being on the verge of mid-life crisis.

But he says: “I haven’t written it yet. For me the name comes first and then all the rest comes in a dream, a wet dream,” jokes Nik.

With less than a month to go to the opening night, Nik says he’s a bietjie busy coming to terms with being a daddy again.

“We just had our third child, so I don’t actually have time for a mid-life crisis, or to even write about it,” he says.

But all jokes aside, Nik says: “40 is the new 30. And I must write this show, because I have a bond to pay.”

He knows fans will be expecting him to joke about the Gupta family, President Jacob Zuma and state capture, but Nik says: “The past eight years under President Zuma has already been one big joke, it’s a hard act to follow.”

Nik Rabinowitz, Fortyfied is on at the Baxter Theatre from 6 December to 14 January 2017.

He writes on Facebook: “My great great great (x infinity) uncle Mo or as other people refer to him – Moses – walked for 40 years to arrive at the promised land. After a 40-year journey I too will arrive somewhere – The Baxter Theatre.”

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