Nice try, Kylie

Nice try, Kylie

Weight loss firm's billboard with Kylie lookalike

Dr. FatOff unperturbed by Jenner sibling.

The weight loss company accused of using a Kylie Jenner lookalike to sell its products says their billboard will stay up.

Jenner threatened a lawsuit to Dr. FatOff, who promises to freeze off your fat, because their model looks like her.

She claims the company is deceiving prospective patients into believing she’s endorsing him.

But according to TMZ, Dr. FatOff is min gespin.

The good doctor has sent a letter to Kylie’s legal eagle, informing him the model is none other than the daughter of one of the company’s managers, and is nothing like Kylie.

The letter says the model, Cassandra, is primarily Latina and Indian, and the aspiring model and singer was hired for her own look.

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