‘Zille se ding moet pyn’



June 17, 2016
‘Zille se ding moet pyn’

MAYHEM: PA members set DA T-shirts on fire in Pretoria. CREDIT: Sourced

Gayton on ‘saving Helen’s life’ and new party poster.

Jou ding moet pyn,” says Patriotic Alliance (PA) party leader Gayton McKenzie.

This is his party’s election campaign slogan – and no, it has nothing to do with sex.

McKenzie says die ding gaan pyn for fat cat politicians when gatvol people take back their votes on August 3.

“Our people are living in pain because of poverty and gang violence while ANC and DA politicians get rich. Ons mense is verby gatvol, nou vat hulle hulle votes terug, laat hulle (politicians) ding ook pyn,” he tells Daily Voice.

“Zille se ding moet pyn,” he adds, referring to Western Cape Premier Helen Zille.

McKenzie claims he “saved” Zille from angry PA members, after they forced their way into a Democratic Alliance meeting in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Chaos erupted in the Eersterust Civic Centre when PA members allegedly told Zille “voetsek, you white bitch”.

McKenzie says his people got angry after Zille said he was corrupt.

“If it wasn’t for me we would probably be talking about the late Helen Zille today,” he said yesterday.

“I had to control the crowd when I arrived. She called us a gangster party and said I am corrupt.

“That got the people upset and they told her she must go.

Wat soek my naam in haar mond? Sy moet my naam uit haar bek uit hou.”

But Zille laughed off McKenzie’s heroic claims, calling it a publicly stunt.

“I have to laugh at Gayton’s claims,” she said in an email reply to the Daily Voice.

“This was just a ploy to get the Patriotic Alliance some publicity, but I’m afraid he is well known as a chronic liar.

“He was responsible for bussing people in from Johannesburg, to Pretoria (Eersterus) and then sat in his luxury vehicle outside while his guys disrupted the meeting,” Zille adds.

“I (heard) a lot of very colourful language referring to the anatomy of my late mother and calling me a white bitch.

“There was no political substance to it. It is a joke that Gayton is claiming he tried to save me.

“The only time I saw him was when he was stoking up his group at the gate to cause further disruptions after the meeting, as I tried to leave. I’m sure you can see in this situation who the liegbek was.”

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