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Introduced by a group of BCom Honours students from UWC in July last year, the Young Investor Programme collaborates with businesses from the private and public sectors to give School of Business and finance students hands-on practical experience.

The yearly programme entails workshops performing practical investment exercises for students to interact with industry professionals. The YIP is aimed at finding investments, finance mentors and practising workplace skills by reviewing financial headlines and conducting company analyses and virtual trading, whether to buy, sell, or hold.

SBF senior lecturer Dr Warren Brown approached Coronation, an independent investment business that contributed R62 500 towards the programme.

Professor Ricardo Peters, director of UWC’s School of Business and Finance, said the challenge has been to build on softer skills “so students have the right level of self-confidence to prepare them for interviews and know how to conduct themselves in the workplace.

“The finance industry is competitive, and YIP is a useful means of obtaining a practical understanding of it.".