Darryl Daniels, 15, was gunned down in Evergreen Street, Hanover Park.
This young gangster was shot and killed before he could live to see his sweet 16th birthday.

Three years ago, at the age of 12, Darryl Daniels became a Mongrels member in Hanover Park.

Distraught relatives say they had been trying for years to get him to leave the gang and return to church, but the laaitie refused.

It’s believed a rival gangster from the Pit Bulls, who are part of the Americans, killed him.

Darryl was shot five times in his neck and chest in Evergreen Street on Tuesday evening just before 8pm.

His mother Sandra Daniels, 46, says he had left home a few days earlier.

“He was a child who didn’t stay at home and we always spoke to him to stay at home,” she says.

“When we arrived at the scene, he had already passed away.”

Darryl’s aunt Brenda Daniels, 48, says gangsterism has destroyed her young nephew’s life.

She says Darryl changed when his sister, 19, passed away three years ago due to kidney failure.

“After his sister died, he just went down and became depressed. He left school at age 12 and joined the gangs,” she says.

Darryl has three other siblings, aged 11, eight and six.

His cousin, former gangster Shaun Daniels, believes Darryl wasn’t the intended target.

He says the killer called out someone else’s name, before he shot Darryl.

“This person then bragged about killing Darryl, saying he gave rukke as he fell to the ground,” says Shaun.

“It breaks my heart because he was so young and I also always spoke to him because I used to be part of a gang.”

Police spokesperson, Constable Jonathan Filander says the police are investigating the matter: “We confirm a shooting incident occurred in Evergreen street, Hanover Park, on Tuesday at about 7.45 where a 15-year-old male was fatally injured.

“A case of murder is under investigation.”