GOING PLACES: Avondale Senior Drum Majorettes. CREDIT: Robin-Lee Francke

Just two weeks ago these drummies were worried how they were going to raise R40 000 to attend a national championship in Johannesburg.

Yesterday, the squad was thrilled to announce that they’ve received more than R60 000 from generous donors.

“And it’s all thanks to the Daily Voice,” says mom Lynette Beukes-Olivier, whose daughter is part of the Avondale Senior Drum Majorettes, from Atlantis.

The 18-member team, who left for Joburg today, says they are now ready to march to success and bring home the trophy.

A grateful Lynette says: “I’m so excited, we tried everything but eventually they are going. Thanks to the Daily Voice article, the girls received so much (media) coverage and many came out to give and help. Atlantis Foundries gave R40 000, a construction company gave R10 000, a doctor gave R5 000, the SMS lines also raised a lot.”

The money was raised “within half an hour” after the meisies featured on local radio station KFM yesterday.

They were invited for an interview after breakfast show host Ryan O’ Connor came across their story in the Daily Voice.

Ryan says: “The breakfast team really wanted to do something to help the team and shared their story on the show (yesterday morning). We were inundated with calls to support the team and in less than 30 minutes managed to raise over R60 000 from different donors.”

Lynette says the money will go towards transport and accommodation costs, as well as buying brand-new tracksuits and other equipment for the girls, aged 13 to 18.

Lynette says the squad could also leave earlier than planned, and it will give them time to acclimitise to Joburg’s higher altitude.

Charlyn Olivier, 16, says her squad was overcome with emotion when they heard the good news.

She says they will be practising “day and night” to make sure they win.

“I cried when I heard how much money was raised. Now everyone, my whole team can go, we don’t need to worry about money. Myself and my squad cannot wait to do our thing at nationals,” Charlyn says happily.