GONE: Bongiwe Jujuse

A Gansbaai family believes their sister would still be alive if cops had arrested her boyfriend when she tried to lay a charge of assault against him.

Bongiwe Jujuse’s body was found at the side of a sandy road at the edge of Masakhane, Gansbaai, early on Tuesday morning.

She had five stab wounds to the chest and stomach.

Bongiwe’s sister-in-law Funyana Maboza says: “Instead of helping her police said he beat her because she stabbed him. If they arrested one of them there wouldn’t be a dead body now.”

According to Nombeka Maboza, 36, her sister’s berk allegedly said he stabbed her in revenge for stabbing him in the arm during an argument on Sunday.

The 36-year-old moved back in with Bongiwe over the weekend after he moved out two weeks ago.

But, according to Nombeka, things quickly became violent and Bongiwe and her lover fought again on Sunday.

She claims Bongiwe went to Gansbaai SAPS on Monday to lay a charge of assault but was told her boyfriend beat her because she stabbed him.

“If only they arrested him on Monday my sister would still be alive,” says Nombeka.

Lieutenant Colonel André Traut says a case of assault was opened on Monday but the murder took place before the suspect could be arrested.

“The case was under investigation at the time of the murder and a warrant for the arrest of the suspect was yet to be issued,” explains Traut.

Traut adds that the 36-year-old suspect was arrested after the murder and is due in court once he has been charged.