SINGER: Jimmy Nevis will be at youth conference

A Cape Flats organisation will be opening the doors to a new digital future for youngsters at a free youth event at Spine Road High School on Saturday.

The 4th Generation Unconference, hosted by RLabs based in Bridgetown, will provide more than 2 000 youngsters with a glimpse into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and what this means for future careers in an evolving digital age.

Allan van der Meulen of RLabs explains the event was first conceptualised a couple of months ago and is aimed at giving youth an insight into how design and technology is changing the world.

“Everyday we are seeing the conventional ways in which we do things, change and evolve. “We have seen the impact of virtual reality and the creation of the 3D printer,” he says.

“The event is aimed at giving the youth a look into these technologies to expand their minds and ways of thinking about the future.”

Van der Meulen explains the name of the event is an indication this is no usual conference.

“It is called an unconference because it is unconventional in many ways. There will be no long talks and instead there will be quick talks called fire chats.”

The unconference will run from 9am to 4pm and entry is free. It is open to mense between 14 and 25.

Pre-registration is required. Email [email protected] or send a WhatsApp to 076 646 5373.