MEC for Safety and Security, Dan Plato, says his department has a plan of action for Delft after 31 people were killed in the gang-ridden area in less than a month.

The first step is a public meeting tomorrow, followed by a three-day walkabout in the troubled hotspots next week.

Community policing forums in Delft yesterday confirmed the death toll stood at 31, and not 27 as reported on Tuesday.

On Monday, Plato met with police and community leaders in Delft, who pointed out three crime hotspots to him.

Police have indicated the bloodshed is caused by a turf war between the 26s, 28s and Terrible Josters gangs.

Plato says an intervention was urgently needed: “I had a lengthy discussion with the community policing forum and church leaders and we jointly decided there will be a public meeting with the leaders and the community this week.

“Then next week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Department will be visiting hotspots we have identified where we will be addressing parents and youngsters.

“This is where they [gangsters] shoot and live.”

Reggie Maart, Blue Downs Cluster chairman, confirms 31 people have died in Delft this month, adding that not all were gang-related.

“Various factors are contributing towards these crimes, like socio-economic conditions of the area, poor infrastructure like the lack of lighting, shebeens and taverns, and bushes along Symphony Way,” he says.

“The lucrative drug trade is the breeding ground for gangsterism and conflict, which in most cases leads to lives lost.”

Police have so far confiscated 15 firearms and ammunition, and 85 dangerous weapons from alleged perpetrators.

One of the more recent fatalities was dad of three Bradley Williams, who was shot in the head after visiting a friend.

The public meeting takes place on Thursday at 6pm at The Hague Recreational Hall.