BEER IN THE FRIDGE: Devon Saunders’ Ramadaan video.

Cape Flats internet star Devdondidit has really done it this time.

In his latest gatmaak video, Devon Saunders has angered Muslims by depicting them as beer-guzzling water slamse (wayward Muslims) who can’t wait for Ramadaan to come to an end.

The video, called How you feel when it’s the last day of Ramadaan, was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, the last day of the holy fasting month.

Rapped to the beat of Iggy Azalea’s hit I’m so Fancy, it shows a Muslim man, dressed in a white thobe and fez, talking about how moeg he is of fasting, “don’t smaak boeber and soup anymore”, and can’t wait to get back to “normal life”.

He then opens a fridge and pulls out a beer, rapping: “Pwasa 30 days without a col’ Hansa”.

While some commentators, Muslims included, liked the video, others weren’t so happy about it.

Abdurahman Dalwai posted: “...This video is funny but footage with Islamic attire and a beer in the hand saying 30 days without a Hansa is just the same as saying that every other day Muslims drink.

Devon responded, saying: “This video does not say every Muslim drinks. There is a minority who do, though, especially in Cape Town but I do hear and understand where you’re coming from with the attire. Apologies, if I offended you.”

But fellow Facebook star Malick Abarder has slammed Devon, saying the video was “tasteless and outright offensive”.

Abarder, the creator of the cartoon Daltjies & Kapparangs, said it wasn’t the first time Saunders “took a swipe” at Islam in his videos, and advised him to do better research.

He tells Daily Voice: “This is exactly why we as Muslims should share the (humorous) stories of our culture and traditions, because if we don’t, others outside the fold of Islam will.

“I respect Devon Saunders as an artist and he has much to offer, but many of his previous swipes at our religion has been in bad taste. I do have a sense of humour and love satire, but this video is tasteless and outright offensive,” Abarder said.

Saunders says when making videos involving Muslim characters, “I do ask Muslim friends what is and what is not allowed”.

“I got invited to an Eid lunch and Muslims (who don’t drink) have seen the video and laughed,” he adds.

Asked if he would consider taking down the video, he says: “No, I have not considered taking the video off because as with all other comedy it does not appeal to everybody.

“My humour is to uplift and bring people together and more Muslims laughed and shared the video than those who took offence based on the feedback.

“But if this video causes a stir between our people then I would consider removing it.”