[WATCH] Voting chaos in Ward 88



August 3, 2016
[WATCH] Voting chaos in Ward 88

Tension grows in Ward 88's voting line. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Early voters waited for hours in the cold in Kosovo, as the station kept its door closed well after 7am.

Voting got off to a tricky start in Kosovo where the station remained unopened an hour after it was meant to open its doors.

Residents in Ward 88 stood in the cold waiting and growing impatient and some even threatening to leave as their station remained closed well after 7am. 

Most community members say they have been at the line since 4am to try and beat the line.

First to arrive was 60-year-old Dubukile Mbengashe says he was at the station well before 4am just to be first in line.

“I thought I would have been done by now but it is after 8am and I am still here.

“What is the point of being here early if nobody us going to be on time. “I did not want to be here late but it looks like nobody is organised. It is cold and we are standing in cold.

” The voting station’s Deputy Presiding Officer, Xhanti Ntswayi says: “When we phoned our Presiding Officer this morning he said he was waiting for SAPS to escort him from the IEC office in Mitchell’s Plain and that is where the delay came from.

“We have not started but we are working to get things started.”

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