[WATCH] ‘Spur thieves’ caught on camera



August 10, 2016
[WATCH] ‘Spur thieves’ caught on camera

SNEAKY: CCTV footage shows skelm (back) swiping handbag

Three women filmed stealing a bag in family restaurant.

Eating out soon?

Make sure you keep an eye on your valuables or you might become a victim of these restaurant bag snatchers.

A CCTV video of a crew of three women stealing a female customer’s handbag has gone viral on social media.

The theft occurred at the Red Hawk Spur in Plumstead on July 28.

In the one-minute clip, a family is seated in a booth enjoying a lekker meal.

Meanwhile, the group of three women is in the booth next to the pair, houing them dop.

One of the women, who appears to be pregnant, keeps watch.

The bag snatcher reaches over the seat and carefully swipes it without the owner noticing her arm.

The skelm then passes the bag over to her accomplice, who places the handbag in a bigger bag.

Once the victim’s handbag is out of sight, the trio then casually get up and walk out of the restaurant.

The couple in the video blissfully continue enjoying their meal, have a toast, and a little girl gives the woman a kiss on her cheek.

A CCTV video of three women stealing a customer’s handbag at the Red Hawk Spur in Plumstead has gone viral on social media.

Spur branch manager Marlon Rustin confirmed the incident, but would not comment on whether the patrons were compensated for their stolen property.

Marlon says that the case has been handed over to Diep River SAPS who are currently investigating.

Police were not able to comment on the case yesterday.

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