Winnie Mandela (centre) and AKA (right)

South African celebrities were also part of the voting action yesterday, and took to social media to show their patriotism.

Some of them just posted pictures of their inked thumbs like Top Billing presenter Jeannie D, while singer Chad Saaiman bragged: “7 minutes in & out voting at Westerford High School”.

Comedian Marc Lottering posted his election thumb selfie on his Facebook page, noting tongue in the cheek: “Soooo over people posting smug cute pics of their voting finger! Like Seriously! #govote#elections2016”.

Miss South Africa 2011, Melinda Bam, wasn’t shy about revealing her political allegiance when she posted a selfie on Instagram of her holding her ID after voting.

The blonde beauty queen showed her support for the Democratic Alliance, saying: “I’ve done my part - Don’t complain if you didn’t vote.... #voteDA”

Kelly Khumalo posted a pic of her wrapped in an ANC flag, while rapper and proud ANC supporter AKA went to visit Winnie Mandela at home and was surprised when she recognised him.

He tweeted: “She said she was very proud of me and that she had been watching me. Whole time I’m thinking … ‘Dude, Winnie Mandela knows who you are’.”

He also posted a video of the meeting, where he kissed Ma Winnie on her lippies.

AKA meets Winnie Mandela. CREDIT: YouTube