WORRIED: Shamsoenisa and Raaziek Camroodien, 14. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

A mother says she fears for her son’s safety at school after he was assaulted by a group of bullies.

The attack at Fairbairn College in Goodwood was caught on a cellphone video, and shocked mom Shamsoenisa Gordon-De Jager, 33, posted it on Facebook.

The Elsies River mother says she rushed her 14-year-old son, Raaziek Camroodien, to hospital after last Friday’s attack.

Raaziek suffered injuries to his legs and face.

The 24-second clip shows the teen lying on the ground as a group of learners appear to be kicking him.

One learner is pulled away from Raaziek, who lies curled up in the foetal position, covering his face with his arms.

The recording stops seconds later when a teacher appears and stops the fight.

Source: Facebook

Yesterday the Grade 9 learner said he doesn’t know the reason behind the attack, but his mom believes it involves money.

The teen says earlier that day, a matric boy ordered him to hit his brother “for no reason”, but he refused and they had a scuffle.

“My friend pulled me away and said just leave it because she knows if I hit, they’re going to jump me. Then I went to class,” he says.

Raaziek says a teacher who witnessed this altercation said she would report the matter.

He says during a period change, about six boys, including the matriculant and his brother, walked up to him and started attacking him.

“(The matriculant) kept hitting me, I didn’t hit back. I stood up then someone tripped me and I fell.


“As I went down his brother and his friends started kicking me on my legs and head,” he says.

Shamsoenisa claims the matriculant sent her a WhatsApp message, saying Raaziek owed him some money.

“He told me Raaziek owes him R50, then I said OK because I thought he borrowed the money,” she says.

“But then he said it’s R50 for three weeks, then I said no to that.

“The learner said OK and I left it at that. Then this happened,” she says.

“I went to the school and the deputy principal told me they can’t guarantee my son’s safety,” says the angry mom.

When the Daily Voice visited the school on Wednesday, the school secretary said the principal was not available for comment, and referred our team to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Millicent Merton from the WCED says they are aware of the matter.

“It has been reported to the WCED late (Tuesday) afternoon and our district office is investigating, she says.

Police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed: “An assault case was registered for investigation, the docket was sent to the senior public prosecutor for intervention.”