GATVOL: Bromwell Street residents at court
GATVOL: Bromwell Street residents at court

The application for the recusal of Acting Judge Leslie Weinkove was due to be heard in the Western Cape High Court yesterday. However, the matter was not argued.

The Acting Judge, after being made aware of recently uncovered information regarding government’s non-compliance with the Environmental Authorisation for the construction of Wolwerivier, ordered that the hearing of the recusal application be postponed to 3 and 4 August.

Judge Weinkove

This gives time to the lawyers for the Bromwell Street families to place this information, received via email on Monday, before the court in a new affidavit, said Advocate Norman Arendse.

“We would request a postponement of this matter so we can put this evidence to the judge regarding the environmental issues brought to light,” Arendse stated.

Weinkove said arguments regarding a lack of transport and other amenities at Wolwerivier will also be postponed for hearing on 3 and 4 August. Outside court, residents protested.

Bromwell Street spokesperson, Charnell Commando, says once again their lives have been put on hold by the courts.

Bromwell Street spokesperson, Charnell Commando. CREDIT: Robin-Lee Francke

The families are to be evicted to make way for a larney apartment block, and have been given alternative accommodation in temporary relocation area Wolwerivier, about 30 km outside Cape Town.

“We thought we were going to have a verdict. Our communities and our friends are not standing with us. If we all stand together we can fight the injustices against our people,” Commando said.