Christopher Panayiotou was secretlly recorded in a sting operation. Screengrab

“But that’s what I said to you, it became a kidnapping and murder instead of just making it a robbery outside the house,” the businessman can be heard saying in the video.

After a lengthy trial-within-a-trial, Judge Dayalin Chetty ruled earlier this week that the video recording be admissible before court.

Panayiotou had met up with self-confessed middleman Luthando Siyoni at the Algoa Park Steers on April 29, 2015, just days after Jayde Panayiotou was shot dead.

A frantic Panayiotou can be heard becoming paranoid that police were watching his every move and in the video tells Siyoni to destroy his SIM card, cellphone, and further instructed the bouncer not to call him because police were tracing his phone.

Panayiotou said that he had never wanted the police to find about the relationship between himself and the bouncer.

“What did they ask you, tell me. Did they ask if I’m involved or anything?” Panayiotou asked.

“I’m going to report you called me. In an half an hour I’m going to call the investigating officer. He was at my house now and my uncle was all around me,” he continues.

“I’m going to tell them you came to see me, you wanted to borrow money because people took you for questioning for steroids. I have to tell them, they investigating me and if I lie to them they going to take me in.”

The businessman could also be seen handing over cash to Siyoni before telling him to leave town.

“I’m going to be okay as long as they never know about us Thando. I only ever helped you with the gym. I never did anything with you.

“I’ll sort out your family, you hide low, you need to be gone for a few months until this thing calms down.There’s about five (thousand rand) there, sort yourself out because I’m all out now, this thing has cost me a lot of money,” he said.

Murdered Port Elizabeth school teacher Jayde Panayiotou. CREDIT: Supplied

Jayde’s mother and sister, Michelle and Toni Inggs, broke down in tears upon listening to the contents of the video.

“These boys made it look big, I told you let them do it outside the house and take the bags and the rings. And they didn’t take the watch or anything, they just left everything there. So it looks like a hit now, they after me so I can’t just meet you like this in front of people Thando,” Panayiotou could be heard on the video.

Panayiotou, Sinethemba Nenembe and Zolani Sibeko are on trial for conspiracy to kidnap, rob and murder Jayde on April 21, 2015.

Panayiotou also faces an additional charge of defeating the ends of justice.