Usain Bolt congratulates Wayde after he won gold in the 300-metre race.

Images of world-record sprinter Usain Bolt’s reaction to Wayde van Niekerk’s epic 400m final win has gone viral.

During the race, Bolt is seen pacing back and forth, and then grabbing his head and his face, looking awed, shocked and pleased at Wayde’s excellent performance.

The Jamaican is the world 100m and 200m sprint champ. He won gold again in the 100m dash.

Bolt was getting ready for his 100m race when Wayde ran, and his reaction was caught on camera.

Usain Bolt's reaction when Wayde broke the 300m world record. CREDIT: YouTube

After his race, Bolt left his interview to walk over to Wayde and congratulate him. He called Wayde’s performance “brilliant”.

“When he got the world record I was like, wow!”

Bolt, who gave up the 400m race because he did not like the training required, told reporters he knew Wayde from last year, when he came to Jamaica to train with Bolt’s coach.

“I told him in Jamaica, ‘my coach said youre probably the only guy right now other than me who can break this 400m world record’. I'm really happy for him, I’m really proud of him,” said Bolt.

The athlete yesterday challenged Wayde to a 300m race to see who is the fastest.

“Hopefully next season, if he is in good shape and my coach puts the meet on again, I get a chance to run. I would really like to compete against him over 300m; that would be a good one.”